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Guitar Player in the Control Room

Wed, 30 December

The way for recording electric guitars when both the guitarist and set of amplifiers are placed in the control room has a number of apparent advantages.

The guitar cabinets are miked in the main hall, allowing the guitar player to handily hear their instrument in the overall mix through the control room monitoring.

The method allows you to quickly pick the guitar sound most suitable to the overall mix by twisting amplifier knobs or switching between different vintage and modern amplifiers.

You can also quickly change the guitar cabinet by simply switching the jack on the patch panel directly from the control room.

In the same way, various microphone preamps, as well as EQs and compressors, can be included in your recording chain.

To get the really tight sound of small spaces, some guitar cabinets can be placed in both stone and vocal room. Parallel recording in several studio spaces is also possible.

And of course, the ideal recording method for adding more of the live acoustic sound is conducted by placing the amp in the control room and re-amping of the previously line-in recorded instruments.

In the summer, you can also conduct open-air recordings of any instruments as our forest is far from industrial or residential sounds. Depending on the month of your visit, the natural accompaniment of birds and wildlife is an option.

To appreciate the rich tapestry of sound in our corner of the forest, check out the video featuring the nightingale song recorded on the porch of Spivaki Records residential studios.

By the way, ever wondered why birds sing their songs?

Patch panel in the control room of Spivaki Records residential studios

Miking of electric guitar cabinets in the main hall of Spiva...

Miking of the double speaker cab with different mics

Patch panel in the main hall of the residential studios Spiv...

Patch panel in the control room of Spivaki Records residenti...

Guitar amp and mic pre-amp racks next to each other


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