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Residential Recording Studios
located in a secluded woodland corner

Known for its picturesque landscapes, inherent hospitality, and low-value tour expenses, Ukraine is the perfect place for studio recording in the natural environment of Europe.

Spivaki Records residential studios are surrounded by the evergreen forest far from polluted cities and can be easily reached from several international airports.

The residential studios are a 2-hour drive away from the airports of Kharkiv and Dnipro. A longer but quite comfortable transfer from Kyiv can also be arranged.

Technical Features

The purpose-designed building of Spivaki Records residential studios includes 120 square meters of studio area with a spacious control room, great main hall, and two additional rooms with different acoustics.

The sloping ceiling of the main hall with an area of 56 square meters reach 6 meters in height to provide all-purpose acoustic conditions for recording any musical instruments and ensembles.

The studio’s two-layer exterior windows allow for natural light and pleasant views in any season while the three-layer interior windows provide visual contact for the musicians, engineers, and producers involved in the recording session in all studio rooms.

In addition to advanced acoustics and sound insulation, each studio room, built on separate foundations, provides incredible soundproofing of the recording spaces.

Since one of the most important attributes of high-quality recording is power supply, a separate power line of the distribution transformer is allocated for the exclusive use of studio equipment.

Spivaki Records residential studios support both European and American voltage standards.


As a residential studio, we offer accommodation on the upper floor of the studio for up to 8 persons.

Regular meals with a vegan option are also available.

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To appreciate the rich tapestry of sound in our corner of the forest, check out the video featuring the nightingale song recorded on the porch of Spivaki Records residential studios.

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Spivaki Records main building with residential floor lit by the full moon:

The spacious main hall of the residential recording studios with 6-meter-high ceiling:

Ground floor plan of the Spivaki Records residential studios:

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