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Holidays died down.

Wed, 21 January

We try to analyze the hardware market, according with budget of our acoustic project.

It is very large materials and we think how to store and bring them in conditions of country winter.

Nevertheless, the winter presented itself as winter of severe frost.
It is very cold.
It is used to be about -30.

Now we go in for decoration of living rooms and installing of electrical equipment.

photo by Alexander Chistokhvalov
Sergiy Dedishchev
Yes, it's true!
Sometimes we have 140V instead 220V.
Almost like US or Canada standart =)
But, we have a 10kV power line in hundred meters.
Soon we will have a three phase power transformer unit, one phase will be used for sound recording equipment only.
Diego Almagra
It looks like, it Sounds like very interesting project! I have a friend from Ukraine, and he says that there are some major problems with electricity in rural Ukraine. What is your way to solve this problem?
Alexey Dranny

Multi-ply "foundation" of floating piers.

Spivaki records. The winter. Full Moon.

Spivaki records. The winter. Full Moon.

Spivaki records. The winter.

Multi-ply "foundation" of floating piers.

The fireplace in expectation of incrustation.

Staircase to observation tower, view from fireplace hall.

View from balcony of Spivaki records. Winter.

Openair platform of Spivaki records, winter, full Moon.

The winter. Full Moon.



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