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Many things have changed.

Sun, 11 January

We returned from 3-month-travel on Hindustan and the Himalayas.
Thereupon our news are going to be regular, as before.

We finished outdoor thermal protection and covering of the building, but plastering and painting were postponed to spring.
There were installed external doors and windows. Mounting of roof windows was postponed till spring, too.
We assembled and installed observation tower.
The fireplace is made and ignited; now we select covering material.
The lavatory is completely equipped and provided with hot-cold water.
It is fulfilled facing of fireplace hall and living rooms. We make electric wiring for studio and common needs
The working project of Spivaki records power supply is ready, at the nearest time we are going to start mounting of transformer substation.
The "floating" piers between stone room and acoustic hall, acoustic hall and check room, vocal room and fireplace hall are built.
Acoustician engineer of the project Alexander Kravchenko informs us about availability of the Spivaki Records project so we make up an estimate, prepare for hardware purchase.

Detailed photo account will be represented soon.

photo: Alexander Chistokhvalov

Spivaki records. Winter.

Spivaki records. Winter.

Spivaki. Winter.

Spivaki records. Winter.

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