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Outdoor walls coating.

Mon, 13 October

Acoustician engineer of our project Alexander Kravchenko fixed the geometry of in-studio "floating" piers.
Piers between stone room and acoustic hall, acoustic hall and check room, vocal room and fireplace hall will be built by special process on multi-ply "floating" foundation.
Materials are - hollow concrete blocks filled with the sand.
We start building at the nearest time.

We are going in outdoor heat-insulating coating of the building.
We delivered materials - glass-magnesium sheets.

Photo: Sergiy Dedishchev.

East -West view

East -West view

East -West view

Building materials - glass-magnesium plates.

Building materials - ceramic plates

Village scenery

It is vintage soon

Openair platform of Spivaki records. Autumn.

"Floating" piers. Common view

"Floating" piers. Common view

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