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Yippee! It roofed!

Wed, 1 October

The roof is almost ready.
Does not seeped, anyhow =)

Last week in Kiev we have met with Alexander Kravchenko for to discuss acoustic design of soundrecording studio Spivaki Records.
Among other things, there were interesting decisions in the area of interior aesthetic design of studio rooms.
We want to have inside of studio more country romanticism and nature.
Unfortunately, it can't be always correctly coordinated with reality of acoustic, but we believe in marvels of acoustic ingenuity =)
While acoustic part of design is developing, we start erection and decoration of comfort zone.
It is necessary in live zone to foresee assembly channels for communication laying into studio rooms.

It is practically ready scheme of Spivaki records power supply. The author - Alexander Solyavkun - promised to prepare project for publishing before leaving to India.

We found cart wheel and hammered chain in Zhitomir region (Mala Cvilya). It will be basis for "Big illuminating wheel for fireplace hall" or "Sansara wheel"=)

We bought mixers, sanitary engineering, doors and accessories.

Photo: Sergiy Dedishchev.

North - South view.

North - South view.

2nd level.

2nd level.

Obsrevation platform.

North -South view.

Yu. Urilov feat Sansara wheel =)

Indian Summer.

Autumn still life.


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