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Residential Recording Studios

Located in a secluded woodland corner, Spivaki Records is the first and only purpose-built residential Recording Studio in Ukraine.

We offer top-class recording services at incredibly low rates compared to average European standards.


Impeccable sounding rooms—with ceilings up to 6 meters high—are intelligently combined in a specially designed building.

Wide range of microphones, tube preamps, and audio compressors on site.


Tube summing mixer with a broad collection of vintage and modern outboard gear in the control room with superb main and nearfield monitoring.


A selection of iconic equipment for professional mastering and any sound design you have in mind.


Professional sound for your home-recorded music.

Line-in electric guitars will be passed through vintage and modern amplifiers, then miked in our perfect acoustics.

Vocals and acoustic instruments can be saturated with tube EQs and imbued with striking and vivid energy.

Electronic and virtual instruments can also be sonically enhanced through symmetrical tube preamps.

Additional services

Voiceover and translation for video tutorials and similar material (English, Ukrainian, Russian)

Audio narration (text, apps, etc)


As a residential studio, we offer accommodation on the upper floor of the studio for up to 8 persons.

Regular meals with a vegan option are also available.

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To appreciate the rich tapestry of sound in our corner of the forest, check out the video featuring the nightingale song recorded on the porch of Spivaki Records residential studios.

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