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Contacts and genplan

Contacts and genplan

How to get

Spivaki is a small village in Ukrainian (Kharkov region, Izium district) forests, thousands of them.

We can (quiet easily) organize your appearance on the purple glade next to the studio (from airports and some sort of stations).

The whole trip is only 80-120EUR both sides for 1 person (fly + car).

And from every (almost) european airport you can get in there (means Kyiv).

Take a look: Munich - 82EUR, Koln - 80EUR, Venezia -102EUR, Dortmund - 84EUR, Krakow - 71EUR, London - 115EUR, Oslo - 105EUR etc.

Total timetrip is 7-10 hours (fly + car as before). Depends on city you're live in.

All road costs and time calculating you can leave to us.

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